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Memorial created 01-15-2008 by
Howard Yellen
Thor David Hesla
April 1 1962 - January 14 2008

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01-16-2015 6:39 PM -- By: Howard Y,  From: SF  


01-13-2014 9:03 AM -- By: Howard Y,  From: SF  

Tomorrow will be 6 years. Hard to fathom.

06-21-2013 6:26 PM -- By: Linda Riskedahl,  From: Bismarck,North Dakota  

My husband is related to Endre Hesla. I guess I should say his wife Helene Ellefson. I do a lot of geneology. Who is your grandmother or grand father?? I do not have a Thor in my file??.

01-07-2013 12:35 PM -- By: Cortland D Joyce,  From: Coral Gables FL  

I have a friend that I hold in very high esteem who was close with Thor. She speaks of him with reverence and respect. After reading about him here and hearing her stories I just wanted to acknowledge this man and the deep imprint he left with you all and finally, me. RIP Thor There is so much evidence that you were loved.

01-04-2013 8:13 PM -- By: David Hesla,  From:  

I have inaugurated the Thor David Hesla Endowed Scholarship. For further information, or to make a contribution, write to Barry Carlson at carlsob@stolaf.edu.

12-11-2012 1:54 AM -- By: Barbara,  From: NYC  

We had some good times doing advance together back in the day. Have been thinking about him. Don't know why, all these years later. He was a delight to be around. Miss him.

04-03-2012 4:07 PM -- By: Andrew Marsh,  From: London  

Belated Happy Birthday Thor. Wish you were here.

04-03-2012 10:04 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Never posted before.

I've known you since what -- second grade??? Despite all the intervening crap of life, you were a fixture in my life. Still stunned you are not here.

Simply cannot believe you, me, and Stefan aren't down at the lake in P-town right now, draining the beer, and heaping scorn on each other for hitting 50.

Hope you know I loved you, my friend.


04-01-2012 2:43 PM -- By: Margaret Jones,  From: Atlanta  

So glad to have found this today, April 1, 2012. We'll always miss you, Thor.

01-16-2012 12:23 PM -- By: Maren,  From: DC  

As we approach the 4 year anniversary, I've posted a quick note on the front page.

11-26-2011 1:12 PM -- By: Scott Reber,  From: La Crosse, Wisconsin  

I met Thor only one time, and it made a strong impression on me. It was 1985, and I was living with some students from Emory University, notably the great Taegun Moon. At a party somewhere in Druid Hills, in a second floor apartment, I was startled when, suddenly, this illustrious character entered the party--through the kitchen window. Like the protagonist in a Hollywood movie, he had climbed up the drainspouts to make his flamboyant arrival. Perhaps Thor had done this trick before because people seemed to take it matter-of-factly, but I was much impressed.

09-13-2011 9:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Struck by the similarities in the attack on the Embassy in Kabul today, and the attack that killed Thor. Praying that there were no casualties or injuries, and -- as always -- incapable of understanding what random violence accomplishes.

08-21-2011 1:16 AM -- By: Howard Yellen,  From: SF  

To anyone who is continuing to look at this page: Please be aware that this site has been hacked. There are odd, short posts with links being put on the page. DO NOT click through any of those links, as they are almost certainly malware. I'm deleting these as soon as I see them, but in case I miss one please be alert.

08-11-2011 11:28 PM -- By: Betty Anderson Dworschak,  From: Atlanta, GA  

Thor, we needed you when Ann Coulter gained prominence, and you delivered. But since then, we've endured Sarah Palin and now the crazy-eyed Michelle Bachman. We need your razor wit now more than ever. I miss you and wanted to let you know that I and so many others think about you all the time. Damn.

08-01-2011 5:45 AM -- By: Gail ,  From: Prishtina and London  

Thanks Howard for keeping this going. I miss Thor masses. Fortunately I see his friends from Kosovo loads, including last week his taxi driver, Billy. My life is more than surreal right now and I wish I could share the stories with Thor.

07-22-2011 4:33 PM -- By: Sarah Farnsworth,  From:  

thanks Howard for re-upping the page. Working from home today, thinking about the upcoming election which brought musings of past elections and then Thor and friends far flung. Will be missing his caustic yet surgical and right-on target observations as we move through this surreal field of candidates 18 months out...miss you Thor as always

04-01-2011 8:37 PM -- By: Adnaan,  From: Connecticut  

Thinking of Thor, the amazing family he left behind and wishing you all the best today and every day,

04-01-2011 6:59 PM -- By: Andrew Marsh,  From: London  

Happy Birthday Thor. Wish you were here.

04-01-2011 12:53 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy birthday to you.. I'm sorry for your tragic loss! Very sad...

02-16-2011 1:14 AM -- By: Anne Garrett Addison,  From: Lake Stevens, WA  

Just wanted to thank Howard for keeping this going - I check it every time I'm missing Thor, or thinking of something that reminds me of Thor, and it is a great comfort to read. I'm happy to help you convert it to a book - I think the Book of Thor might be the next Gospel. Thanks for keeping him alive for me and all of us.

01-19-2011 3:09 AM -- By: Howard Yellen,  From: Palm Desert  

My dad died less than a month ago at 76 years of age. My mom died in 1984, a few years shy of her 50th birthday (my current age.)Tommy, Marissa, Susan, and others also gone.

The trade-off for not dying young yourself is collecting more and more tragedies.

I miss you Thor. And I miss my parents, and lost friends.

01-14-2011 11:08 PM -- By: Bob Sevigny,  From: Virginia  

I met Thor during the first Clinton Inaugural. I worked under Thor and Michael Pitts in Transportation. Both terrific guys it was a pleasure to work with them and for them. Thor was a regular ball of fire with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. A force of nature may be the best way to describe him. It was a great experience and was happy to run into Thor on several occasions afterwords.

I was deeply saddened to learn of his tragic death in 2008. He was one of a kind and we are all better for having known him.

01-14-2011 1:49 PM -- By: Laurel Ryan,  From: Kansas City  

Oh, Thor- Won't you just show up one of these days? One of us owes the other a drink, I'm sure of it! I still just don't want to realy accept this. Enough, though. For today, I remember you happily. Rest in peace, raise a tankard in Valhalla.

01-13-2011 10:47 PM -- By: Betty Anderson Dworschak,  From: Atlanta, GA  

The recent shooting of Represenative Giffords and others in Tucson reminds me of the senseless, bitter violence that took Thor from us. We need more Gabbys, more Christinas, and more Thors in this world. We need fewer people fueled by hate and armed with Glocks and more people fueled by caffeine and beer and armed with a wickedly sharp sense of humor and an irrepressible joie d'vivre. Anything for a sight gag. Thor, it's been three years and I miss you still. I know you'd be glad to know I carry you in my heart; life is too short to truck around hate or bitterness. Your spirit lives on in the hearts of many people, my friend.

10-20-2010 6:08 PM -- By: Dorothy Maddison,  From: Virginia  

This website is wonderful---I keep a copy of the definition of "thorganizer" on my door at work to inspire my students to work on when the going gets tough. Thankyou, Howard, for making it possible to remember Thor this way. It has been a great source of comfort.

07-08-2010 12:44 PM -- By: Nancy Frank,  From: NYC  

Maren, Howard, Betty, and crew,

Please accept my belated condolences on your loss. Thor sounds like he was a great guy, someone who made such a strong impression on everyone he met, and I wish I had had the chance to meet him when we were all in P'kpse.

With my deepest sympathies,


05-15-2010 9:02 PM -- By: Eric Talsness,  From: Inver Grofve Heights MN  

I didn't know thor at all. I found this totally by accidnet when doing a serach concering "St. Olaf" and "Rugby". Thor sounds like he was an amazing person. Wish I could have met him.

05-03-2010 8:30 AM -- By: Wendy Brafman,  From:  

I'm a friend of Thor's from Kosovo. I was recently packing up for a move (to Baghdad), and I came across a photo of Thor and the badge from his memorial service. That prompted me to go to this website; I like that it is still available

04-19-2010 11:11 AM -- By: Will Dupree,  From: Denver, CO  

I remember Thor and heard that he had died but never knew what happened. It doesn't surprise me at all to know that his tragic and untimely death was a result of his service to other people and his country. This site is a wonderful and fitting tribute to a very, very good guy.

04-01-2010 2:50 PM -- By: Kymie Spring,  From: Michigan  

Howard, Thanks for renewing the domain. I do check pretty regularly -- whenever I'm feeling verklempt. I wish everyone able to assemble to celebrate Thor's b-day a great time. Wish I could be there but i just got back from DC a couple weeks ago... Miss all y'all.


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