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Memorial created 01-15-2008 by
Howard Yellen
Thor David Hesla
April 1 1962 - January 14 2008

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02-20-2010 1:57 AM -- By: Howard Yellen,  From: California  

Folks, I just reupped the domain for another six months so you will have access for at least that long. With the 2nd year anniversary of Thor's death past, and his 48th birthday just a head of us, I'm trying to figure how long to keep this going. One important measure for me is how many people are looking at the site. So if you happen to check in and see this listing, post a reply on the guest book (I get copies emailed) or contact me directly at howardyellen@yahoo.com. If I dont' hear from people I'll assume the time is coming to put this rewarding project to bed.

02-20-2010 1:51 AM -- By: hector santiesteban,  From: san francisco  

am old frend of thor's from emory rugby, deeply saddened by reading this news. am glad that he will continue to live on in people's hearts

02-12-2010 4:32 PM -- By: Carol Meyer,  From: Roswell, G  

I have never met Thor, but heard so much about this wonderful man through my niece, Stephanie Paul Doscher. He was such a special person in her life and through that wonderful experience, I have learned about his work, life and beautiful spirit. How lucky were his friends and family to have had him in their lives!

01-14-2010 10:45 PM -- By: Dan Kelly,  From: Prince Edward Island ,Canada  

RIP Thor.

01-13-2010 6:18 AM -- By: Pierre Günster,  From: Germany  

Salute & Glückauf!

01-13-2010 12:45 AM -- By: Kymie Spring,  From: Land of unemployment  

it’s my birthday

not only do I celebrate with friends and family that I’m still here whatever number of years since I announced my arrival butt first

now it’s a marker

a Sharpee

silly things conjure Thor

those new mini Sharpees with a key ring drilled through the cap. How handy if the markers don’t fall out of their caps and stain you permanently.

my Thor tat

01-05-2010 9:50 PM -- By: Cath Dermody,  From: Canada  

I have been conducting research on family history and just discovered that Thor Hesla is a family member. My maternal grandmother was Rosa Hesla. My great-grandfather was Endre Hesla and Thor's great-grandfather was Ole Hesla. Endre and Ole were brothers.

I've read many of the tributes and remembrances of Thor and realize he was an amazing man - a keen intellect, a good sense of fun, kind, hard-working. I laughed out loud when I read some of the pranks/stories about him. From what I've read I think he would have laughed right along with everyone.

It will soon be a year since his passing. You will have so many good memories. For those of us who did not know this man - we obviously missed a lot.

Cath Dermody

12-24-2009 6:25 PM -- By: Cristine Paull,  From: Philadelphia  

I have been thinking about Thor quite a bit. Tonight, though, I feel more like Thor (which is weird and slightly uncomfortable). I have traveled across North America to surprise my nephew on Christmas Morning. While I was reflecting on whether Nicholas would actually be as ecstatic as I believed he would be, I thought of Thor and Mary Olivia and David Alexander. When Olivia was born Thor went crazy with love. I thought he was nuts. Then Nicholas was born and I understood. I have spent the last 6 1/2 years trying to please someone who does not employ me, does not care what I do and certainly wants to spend as much time with me as possible ... what gives? Thor would love Nicholas. He is funny and serious and smart - very, very smart. So, as I plan how to sneak into my sister's house tonight to surprise them all (note: I have a key, I am worried about the chain) I think of Olivia and David and know that Thor is hovering near them at this holiday monitoring their behavior and making suggestions about what to read in the new year ... Happy Holidays to all – much love to Thor!

12-20-2009 8:25 PM -- By: ceci (phillips)williams,  From: atlanta, ga  

I just heard about Thor's death tonight. I went to high school with Thor and have thought of him often. When first introduced to the "magic" of facebook by my grown children, he was one of the first people i tried to find. i wanted him to know that he had made a difference in my life and i didn't know that he would realize that. i am not surprised to learn he made a difference to the world. I wish I could have had a chance to tell him...THOR, you Rock! Love, Ceci

09-12-2009 7:58 PM -- By: rebecca mckenzie,  From:  

I recently learned about Thor's passing. Shock doesn't begin to explain what I felt. I am not surprised at all to here he was Kabul, it makes total sense to me.

First met Thor sometime in '92 during the convention. My birthday is April 1st and we would always reach out to each other arounf then (along w/Michael Pitts).

He is a wonderful and unique soul, and heaven is graced with his spirit

Long live Thor Hesla!

09-11-2009 8:31 PM -- By: Kimberly Culbertson,  From: Hillsboro, Oregon  

I worked with Thor on David Wu's campaign. He brought a sense of fun to a campaign that was, for me, a very serious business. We had fun and won and I was sad to see him leave Oregon. He is deeply missed.

07-25-2009 5:13 AM -- By: Sam Smoot,  From: Lebanon, at the moment  

Remembering Thor today...missing him.

04-27-2009 1:04 PM -- By: shiva,  From: MI  

Hey Thor... I always think of you around springtime... Now I see that's cause April Fool's is your birthday. Perfect. Miss you, Shiva

04-13-2009 12:02 PM -- By: David H. Reed,  From: Tampa  

I only just found out about Thor's passing today and am very saddenned. Thor and I played rugby together and were housemates at Emory in the 80s. My loud, obnoxious manner clashed with his, so we did not make the best roomates, but I will always remeber him as a bright, unique individual with a big heart.

04-02-2009 3:25 PM -- By: Robin Benesh Reimer,  From: Corvallis, Oregon  

I was so sorry to hear about the bombing that took Thor's life. I have memories of him from freshman year: his roommate was my First Night date. I'm so happy to know that Thor accomplished great things in his lifetime.

04-01-2009 4:27 PM -- By: Andrew Ordover,  From: Tucson  

Happy birthday, old friend, wherever you are. I reach across the river Styx to butt heads with you.

04-01-2009 12:05 PM -- By: Becker,  From: Vieques, PR  

Happy birthday big man...

04-01-2009 9:37 AM -- By: Sarah Farnsworth,  From:  

Happy B.Day Thor!!

03-29-2009 10:45 PM -- By: Stephanie,  From:  

Today a Facebook birthday reminder popped up in my email today while Colin was online. He called me in tell me. "I really miss Thor," I said. "We all do," he replied. We all do.

03-09-2009 3:59 PM -- By: Lisa,  From: Decatur GA  

My heart goes out to Thor and his family.

02-19-2009 8:00 PM -- By: jill r hesla,  From: sioux falls,sd  

01-20-2009 6:07 PM -- By: Gail ,  From: London (ex Pristina)  

Thor, The Kosova crew have been busy keeping in touch as we approached the anniversary of losing you. You'd have been chuffed. There's so much news and everyone is scattered all over the world now but still stays in contact.

Check out the new posts & photos on the In Memory of our Dear Friend Thor Hesla facebook site!

We've been following the Inauguration and thinking of you Thor. Doing your bear dance up there looking down on us. You'd have loved today.

01-20-2009 2:09 PM -- By: Marna,  From: Minnesota  

I think of Thor often. But on this Inauguration Day, the grief I usually feel is tempered somewhat by the knowledge that Thor is somewhere whooping it up, rejoicing along with me about the better days ahead. For me, Thor will always be the very personification of Hope.

01-15-2009 1:22 PM -- By: Susan Lavine,  From: Washington, DC  

Thor with be with us in spirit this week as we watch Obama sworn is as President. Missing his commentary and friendship.

01-14-2009 9:55 AM -- By: Kymie Spring,  From: Grand Rapids MI  

I was thinking about Thor in the shower this morning (wouldn't he love that) on this anniversary because one the most touching, funny afternoons I spent with Thor were at his dad's house, helping him purge his belongings. Well at least some of his t-shirts. I was playing the heavy. No duplicates were to be kept and 50% needed to go bye-bye altogether. I mean he had like 752 t-shirts... keep in mind that this was before eBay but he kept trying to make the argument that these were treasured items, historical remnants not just of his exploits, but of political significance. Right Thor, it still goes in the purged pile. But it was really fun to hear the stories that Thor used to both reminisce and make his case for keeping every t-shirt. This exercise took hours and we made great progress then moved on to baseball caps...

01-12-2009 1:47 AM -- By: Jos,  From: Alexandria, VA  

Spiraling without you. Miss you like mad!

01-08-2009 10:28 PM -- By: Will Arboleda ,  From: NYC  

I met Thor in NY during the convention. Just seeing his picture here brings back so many thoughts and memories for me. He was one of a kind. Getting his newsletters were quirky and informative but mostly funny. I haven't seen or heard from Thor in a very long time. Knowing he is gone makes the world a less happy place.

01-07-2009 5:28 PM -- By: fariba balaghi todd,  From: shiva balaghi  

01-03-2009 5:07 PM -- By: Brad Newsham,  From: San Francisco  

I never met Thor until today, when the Christmas letter of my friend Vijay Mehrotra led me here. This site has left me quite touched, saddened but also exhilarated at the thought that I'm still here, still alive, still able, if I'm wise, to tap into some of the energy Thor left behind and throw it around a bit.

01-02-2009 8:57 PM -- By: Martha Evans Wiley,  From: Middlesboro, KY  

It has been almost a year since Thor died and I have thought of him frequently since a high school friend told me about his death. I often found Thor frustrating in high school, but I look back now and wish I had gotten to know him better. We could all use some of his irreverence lately. Cheers to someone who made the most of his too-short life.


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