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Memorial created 01-15-2008 by
Howard Yellen
Thor David Hesla
April 1 1962 - January 14 2008

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03-27-2008 7:44 AM -- By: Sonja Varga,  From: at the moment, Kabul Afghanistan  


You popped into my mind today as i drove past the Serena. It's been more than 2 months since you passed away and since i've been back from my leave things seemed to be getting a little closer to normal everyday. It seems i was wrong.

I miss u tons..... Squeeky

03-18-2008 3:03 AM -- By: Lizz Holmes,  From: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY  

St. Pat's Day, NYC,

Being a wee Irish & a wee sentimental- but mostly feeling for those who are just recently finding that we've lost Thor-

(It's only a few weeks since I found out myself.) Part of the agony we're sharing is knowing you did read of it in the paper, or just saw someone who knew him, or you were about to write/call, or you were just thinking..., or whatnot, eh?

I am a bit stunned by the level of grief I feel over a friend I saw so seldom. I was lucky enough to make his DC memorial by a cat's whisker. I knew almost no one, but stuck my hand out and asked, "So, how did you know Thor?" dozens of times more than my self preservation meter would normally allow. It seemed to me 30% of those at Biddy's after the ceremony met him: once, in a bar, through a friend, at a wedding, this one summer. Wow.

I know. I too, I do, see him, everywhere. (Lesser women & men would tremble, no laugh, no...)

Oops. No joke. (I hate that part.)

I have found a little extra courage since his silence as his unique perspective or tone or what-have-you has hilariously & frighteningly been debating my conscience at odd and intriguing times.

He never dared me to do a thing, but I saw him dare & dare again; and he always helped me get up and try again...hmm.

Whatever the measure of our grief, I promise, at least 100 people you've never met or heard of "get" Thor too, pretty close to the same way you did. (And maybe, probably, they'd get you, too.)

Thor was special for his trueness. Somehow those of us who appreciated Thor got it back: appreciation.

Maren told us he saved every word we wrote him. For those who wish we had written or more often - I have no doubt - he saved us somewhere.

He hated clutter & waste - but he saved and cherished ideas, good people, and ironically high hopes.

Love & Sad Hugs, Lizz

03-12-2008 5:10 PM -- By: Cynthia Prust Rintye,  From: Atlanta  

I just found out about Thor today.

Even though it has been years since last we spoke, I am deeply saddened by the news. It’s hard to believe that the entirely unconventional God of Thunder with whom I shared laughs and beer (and other vices) and climbed roofs and trees with is no longer among us.

Funny, I had thought of him earlier in the week. You see, whenever people say to me, “It’s good to see you,” I have to bite my tongue not to give them Thor’s retort to that query: “It’s good to be visible.”

Thor, you may no longer be visible in the flesh, but I will always see you in my mind’s eye.

03-05-2008 7:53 AM -- By: Setara Delawari,  From: Kabul, Afghanistan  

Thor started work with me in Kabul and we interacted on a daily basis as his desk was right next to mine. He was extremely witty and we talked of books & movies but our tastes were different. I asked him if he ever read "Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole. He said no. He reminded me of the character, Ignacious T.Reilly and I realized, after his death, having read some of his writings including "the Dwarf" that he wrote like John Kennedy Toole, who won the Pulitzer Prize AFTER his death. Is this an omen? Thor told me he wanted help to get an agent in Hollywood as he had written a screenplay. I told him my daughters could help him as they lived in California. He never gave me the screenplay or his book. Does anyone have a copy. I would love to try to keep my promise to help him. That fateful day Jan 14th, I called and called his number; after the explosion, with no reply. Thor, you made a difference!!! God Bless You and may you speak and walk with the Angels

03-03-2008 6:10 PM -- By: Mia Phifer,  From: Chicago  


We did it! We had the party, we got your books (I heard a girl note that they even smelled like you) ...then we toasted to you - again and again...and felt your absence in the room...it was quite a forceful presence of absence...your friends who organized the day truly did you proud!

You also would have been proud of the large crowd, and how we reconnected with old friends, made new friends which of course are great networking connections, shared many Thor stories and laughed and cried and laughed - and then drank some more in your honor:)

And the next day we all went to meetings and followed up with our network of connections, then that night a few of us had a few more drinks...and then we got out our phones...each of us still had your contact info in there...I think in the wee hours of the morning at Biddy's we may have even called you...you weren't there...

Then I flew home, yes hung over! And I put the Lanier from the memorial with the ones from conventions past, I put the books on the book shelf with the political books and I put the program on the shelf with the political pictures...

We all came back to our lives...and went back to work...and followed up on all the connections we made in DC while we were there...and we downloaded the pictures...I haven't been able to send them out yet...it's my last connection to the celebration...then it will be over...and I'm not quite ready for it to be over...not quite...

Maybe we can have an annual Thor gathering in DC...maybe next year we can get together at Biddy's and tell Thor stories, and have a beer and a shot, or a martini:) and toast to you...and look at our phones and see that your still in there...

I miss you like I just saw you yesterday, not 6 years ago, I look at my AIM buddy list and hope to see you there...I'm still so sad when I don't....I visit the memorial and laugh and tear up at the notes your friends I've never met say....

Thanks for all the great lessons I get to share with my staffers, clients and friends at the bars - I will continue to take them to every campaign and client I work with...they make me sound smart - I hope I still make you proud...that was always a good day...when Thor was proud of me:)


PS - I can't find that damn fundraising song you wrote - you know to the tune of the Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music...any chance you can lead me to it? I love making my staff and people in my training's sing it while I think of you leading the Gash Finance Staff in song after every goal was hit...

03-02-2008 10:06 PM -- By: Lindsey,  From: Kalamazoo, Mi  

I met Thor's cousin, Chad, on a plane to D.C. Thor seemes like a wonderful man that the world is unfortunate to have lost. My sympathies to his friends and family.

02-29-2008 2:54 PM -- By: obosi brother,  From: kuwait accra  

please obosi is dey for you now to contact me

02-27-2008 11:56 AM -- By: Sarah Farnsworth,  From:  

Dear Maren, Bernard, Howard and countless others who managed such a spectacular celebration of Thor's life, friends and family, What a great great Sunday afternoon it was. Despite so many tears watching the pictures of Thor at all ages flash across the screen, the laughter, the love and the friendship that he and all of us held so dear shone through the event. Thanks so much for reuniting many of us and for giving us the time and the place to mourn and celebrate the life of the one and only and that extra extraordinary man, Thor Hesla. I told my son who knew Thor that Thor's spirit is alive and well and that he will always be apart of our family. He looked aorund and said our house was getting really crowded with all the spirits of those who have died moving in!! Always room for Thor... Thanks again, and thanks for sharing Thor with us. He made a huge difference in my life, and in lives around the world. I will miss him and know there will be days that I will reach for his email or his phone number because I just HAVE to share something ridiculous or outrageous with him. And then I will stop and remember and mourn anew that the world has lost such a unique individual, a friend. Sarah

02-23-2008 10:08 AM -- By: margaret,  From:  

To the Hesla Family: I knew and loved your son. He was one of a kind. I am sure you know that. I work in the entertainment industry and Thor would talk about his screenplays with me. I think he may have sent me one. Do you know where they are?

I would like to give them to some production companies. They may have some ideas.

I received from Thor an email late Dec 2007 asking me about the writers strike. I told him the companies were being greedy. He was not surprised.

I send you my deep thoughts. I am happy to be a friend of your son.

Margaret Cone

02-22-2008 11:13 AM -- By: Lisa Freedman,  From: San Diego  

There was no one quite like him. He will be mourned, he will be missed, he will be loved, he will be remembered and he will always be young.

02-21-2008 11:40 AM -- By: Mark Kornblau,  From: New York  

Thor was my boss and my friend. He taught me how to take myself seriously without taking myself too seriously.

02-19-2008 10:59 PM -- By: Elizabeth Holmes,  From: Chicago  

Although I only met our daughter Lizz's friend Thor once...I wanted to post that is how I came to know how special and loyal a friend he "is"...not "was"... because he'll go on living in Lizz's and so many, many hearts as all these posts testify to.

02-19-2008 6:45 PM -- By: Lizz Holmes,  From: Brooklyn  

REM was still playing their ‘finest work song’ in Athens, GA. Sting was assuring us in dulcet tones that “Russians loved their children, too.” Andy O. was scribbling on napkins at tables in pubs while Amy & Emily & collaborators were ‘strumming our fate with their fingers and singing our life with their songs’. (Not one of theirs, for dang sure, but true enough for how we felt in those many pubs listening and watching.) I met Thor at the beginning of the summer of my graduating year from Emory. I had recently met Haynes and Andy through Theatre Emory and so I suppose I was destined to meet Thor. It was at this wonderful party at Haynes' apartment in Virginia Highlands in Atlanta. So many incredible people were there that night. I had recently transferred to Emory and was still struggling to make friends and get to know the ways of the southeast. Meeting Andy & Thor & Woody & Emily & Amy & Haynes & Kathy & Dana & so on …felt like "arriving" - finally being in the right place at the right time in history. Each of these characters was (and still are) relatively bursting at the seams with talent. All the writing! Wow! (I might just dig my rough copy of “Faintly Maxley” out of storage H. B. to help me remember those spirited days.) So – I’m at this great party, and Thor was definitely in attendance in particular splendor sporting an enormous gaping gash on his head and the biggest most dangerous drunken smile you’ve ever seen. He harassed my classmate & best buddy M.A.A. all evening long, lifting her dress to spot her panty color as she climbed a ladder to the roof, unceremoniously grabbing her boob while she was mid-sentence, and flirting just shamelessly (if that’s what you’d call it) in his own relentless style. Somehow that night, I made it onto his radar too, and thus began one of my most cherished friendships. My relationship with Thor was intense from the very beginning. The first night we hung out alone, we talked all through the night. We were in the playground of Chandler (?) Park endlessly moving from swings to seesaw to sand box and so on until the break of dawn. Somehow through the interrogation of Lizz - we let loose and confessed some of our darkest secrets, we covered our mothers and our sisters - most of our childhoods. It was emotional and philosophical and a little scary. He challenged me and infuriated me and just fascinated me. Somehow the more time I spent with Thor & Andy & Haynes the more I really wanted to be friends with these charismatic bigger than life men. Thor met Michael that summer. He cracked his head open that summer. He (as I've fondly called his unique approach to women) chased me around the couch; and he tortured the men I dated. He lovingly but very loudly pounded on my door and drug me out to wherever, regularly, for those few months before grad school. It was a great adventure. Also, I did an awful thing that summer. I meant well. I was dying of curiosity. I thought he'd be charmed. He was not. I am afraid my story of a life touched by Thor nearly ended here. I read his just finished manuscript without his permission. I can't remember for the life of me how I got my hands on it, but I devoured it in one sitting. It was raw but fairly brilliant; sort of an anti-nuclear/On the Road/Motorcycle Maintenance themed Great American Novel. I dare not say more. I hope I never broke his trust again. In autumn, I went off to SF, CA for grad school. Not long after, Thor joined Michael in SF. He was on a mission to lose some weight and would bike from his apartment way out on Ocean (Ave./ Blvd.?) to my place closer to downtown and we'd mostly just laugh and eat and ponder being 25 and frightfully future-free. Naturally, we debated or maybe we argued about why we weren't just having sex instead! We laughingly began the "kinder gentler Thor" campaign. For all I know, it started elsewhere. It occurs to me, now, that almost all the time I spent with Thor was just the two of us. No shared college or campaign or rugby glue to keep us together. I just know I never really went through anything in the next decade without him. Sometimes, I only saw him once or twice a year, but we would talk for hours on the phone and somehow he was always caught up and never missed a trick. He could ride rough herd on your tiniest human frailty when he thought it necessary. Yet, somehow no matter how rough or blunt he ever was I wouldn't now take a pass on any of those confrontations. I marvel how he retained so many dozens/hundreds of dear friendships knowing he must have remembered details about everyone's lives as though their experiences or woes or loves or foibles were nearly as important to him as Maren's or David's. He truly thought of the people he knew, he cared, he fretted. His travels over the next years often jibbed with mine and we’d meet for a dinner here or a weekend there. I remember once bringing a boyfriend down to Atlanta to meet what I called “the family” (pretty much Andy & Robin H. & Thor). So I fly down from Chicago and one night show up at Manual’s Tavern in Atlanta with this German born Northwestern educated twenty-two year old AP reporter boyfriend to find a huge table of 10+ people. Thor was seated directly across from us. Poor Thomas. He had no ammo what so ever to bear up under that big beautiful bellowing beer swilling irreverent pink man’s scrutiny. I think I might have been a little ticked off. He was dead right, of course. When I finally decided my life would be better shared in tandem with Andy and his theatrical endeavors in New York and decided (with an invitation, of course) to pull up stakes and move to Manhattan. I felt strongly, I needed the God of Thunder. I called Thor. Damn, if he didn’t buy a one-way plane ticket and hop in my Ryder truck and drive me right to the door of my new home mere blocks from Andy on Christopher St. in Manhattan. It was the only time I saw him smoke. He always hated that I used to smoke cigarettes and brought with him huge smelly cigars to try to frighten me from partaking of my nasty habit in the truck. (Little did he realize, being a Bertolt Brecht loving actress, I’d long since learned to smoke a cigar or two myself, at least on stage.) I remember hating him for thinking I would be a moving disaster who would have nothing at all packed upon his arrival. Fret not, I had moved over 35 times at that point in my life and was an old pro. Even so, with a pre-packed truck, Thor reserved his doubts ‘til the very last second before we pulled out of the driveway. He never said as much, but I hope he was secretly proud of me. I don’t think he realized until we were on the road that I didn’t need him to save me, but rather, I wanted to share this huge life changing choice of mine with him. That was the summer of 1994. We meet up many more times in NYC, in DC, in Atlanta, elsewhere. Was there ever more between us? Lots more. Good, great, ugly, sad, beautiful, ours. Sometime, not long after 9/11, he moved to Kosovo. After a few months, we lost contact for a while. Then it was Christmastime 2006. I could stands no more and I hunted Thor down. I called David, pronounced my undying devotion to my old friend, and was given Maren’s phone number because as luck would have it he was in the USA. The last time we met was for a seafood brunch in DC on Superbowl Sunday 2007. He reminisced of DC pals and he partying & dining there many times in the past. We ate cake. I had brought a boyfriend to brunch. They got along. I think Thor liked him. He e-mailed to me that I was lucky. He was in love himself then. What a wonderful thing. We stayed in better touch this year. I thought of him often. He wrote me and encouraged my endeavors. Of his work in Kabul, he said, “I tell the story.” Twelve hours ago near 2:30 AM on the 19th of Feb. (after 10AM Kabul time) I thought I just had to hear his voice. I had listened to NPR all day and so wanted to cheer on Kosovo’s declared Sovereignty with Thor. I logged on to my computer to double check what time it was in Kabul, just in case I truly dared interrupt him at work with a silly “Yeah Kosovo” phone call from The States. To further bolster my courage, I Googled him to see if I could get a handle on what he’d been up to since early Dec. when we last connected.

Please tell me it’s a joke. At first, I surely thought it was. Please tell me he wasn’t killed over a month ago??????? No joke.

I’ve spent hours pouring over the pages of his virtual memorial. I’ve learned more in twelve hours about just how unique and special this man was beyond even my imaginings from all his dear friends and aquaintinces worldwide. Thank you all for loving him, so. To those I know just a little from stories or worries or fun times. Please know he cherished you all. He was a self made man who created himself from the very velvet of those he loved and admired. A great many rich tapestries, I’d say.

Maren, I cannot fathom that in 26 years we’ve never met in person. It is possible you wouldn’t even remember me. But, I remember his telling me all about your last greatest romance, your engagement, your wedding, and the birth of each child. I’ve been thinking and praying for your happiness since I can remember.


“Clov: Do you believe in the life to come? Hamm: My life was always that.”

“One of the thieves was saved. (pause) It’s a reasonable percentage.”

“We are not saints, but we have kept our appointment. How many people can boast as much?”

David, thank you for your part in Thor. Thank you for you. I still wish someone had advised me to take one of your courses during my brief time at Emory. I will continue to carry you and yours in my heart as ever, as long as I am able.

Thor, I know I must step up my game. I admired & bragged after you endlessly, Now, I realize I’ve got some more work to do in the world. I am sorry if I’m late. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will love you ‘til the end of my days.

02-19-2008 3:05 PM -- By: Gail Warrander ,  From: UK but now in the Republic of Kosovo  

We've all been speculating on dates/times and next moves, then celebrating for 3 days Kosovo's independence. There must be a shortage of US flags now in the US as there are so many here in Kosovo.

Now we are all hypothesing on next media and political moves. Damn it Thor you'd have really loved it all - every bit of it. I can't believe it after 3 and half years here you missed independence when it happenned. You were emailing the now Minister of Finance about independence just 3 days before you were killed. We all thought of you here during the events.

And guess what the first country to recognise Kosovo was - Afghanistan!

It wasn't so well orchestrated - the logistics of stages and speakers weren't great. If you'd been here in Pristina, the Government & Ahmet would have let you run the whole public event side in Pristina. Bother!

I still miss you so much Thor but I am going to meet your friends in Washington. You'd have liked that.When I was miserable you always told me to get out of Pristina and go on a trip so now I am doing it. This time also for you.

Gail, from the newborn Republic of Kosovo

02-19-2008 8:22 AM -- By: Jill Alper,  From: Grosse Pointe, MI  

Dear Friends & Family of Thor, I will miss Thor - one of the most authentic and creative people I've ever known. A kind and thoughtful friend who rallied and encouraged me during challenging times. Every January 14th, my two boys and I will do something creative in Thor's honor. I want them to know, as Thor did, that the world has no boundaries and that honest and humorous self-expression are a gift to others. With Love, Jill Alper

02-19-2008 3:25 AM -- By: Lizz Holmes,  From:  

Hey just another thought to bounce off Mancini & Andy's memories of Thor and his hideous rock climbing scar. I'm not sure if it was the same raucous drunken affair at which he removed his stitches but I met Thor in that condition with this huge terrifying red gash across his brow and an impressive near-death yarn to tell and he was very drunk and very bold and he certainly did win my heart that very night. Normally he tortured me by devouring plates of fried chicken livers rather than bones but he did eat a couple of heads off a dozen roses I had in my apartment given to me from another man! (right in front of the guy, too.) tee-hee

02-19-2008 3:09 AM -- By: Lizz Holmes,  From: Now, I live in Brooklyn  

It's 2:30 am over a month since your passing, and I am only just learning of this incredible silence. How did I miss it before? I was considering calling Kabul this morning just to hear your voice and cheer on Kosovo's independence... instead, it seems we've lost you for good. I will continue to carry you with me through the remaining milestones of my life as I have since first we met. Thank you for your last kind and generous words of encouragement and the compliment. I so dearly love you, Thor

02-18-2008 5:16 PM -- By: Peder ,  From: Norway  

Rest In Peace

God bless your loved ones

02-17-2008 2:20 PM -- By: Ann Reed,  From: Minnesota  

Thanks for sharing

02-15-2008 3:53 PM -- By: Andrew Ronningen,  From: MN  

Dear Family and Friends of Thor, He and I had just reconnected via e-mail after the years since St. Olaf. At Olaf we were cohorts on the notorious Rugby squad. I was the president of the club and can tell you that Thor fully embraced everything about rugby - in particular the social aspects - where he excelled! The story I have told countless times is when we took our squad of 30 in two motorhomes to the annual tournament at Mardi Gras. As we motored across the plains in the middle of winter, driving conditions became increasingly poor. Somehow Thor, the only man with no winter driving experience, jumped behind the wheel. I'm sure it was carpe diem in his mind - and why not? While we certainly claimed to be enrolled at an institution of higher learning, it seemed OK. It wasn't long before an attempt to exit the freeway began a spinning of the motorhome at freeway speed. The vehicle hit a snow bank, tearing out the septic system, and nearly tipping over. It was pure Thor! The rest of the trip should stay off the web. Rest in peace, dear Thor, we skol to you!

02-14-2008 12:23 PM -- By: John Powell,  From: Decatur, GA  

As a friend of Thor's father, David, a kindred spirit and parishioner of St Bartholomew's, I think i knew another spirit in the departed Thor, whose name and activism evoke the mythic dimension that I find energizing in these dark times.

02-13-2008 5:54 PM -- By: Michael Dolan,  From:  

I first met Thor on the David Wu campaign in Portland (1998 I think). The following year we hooked again in Seattle, on different sides of the WTO protest, which we thought was hilarious. Mike Dolan

02-12-2008 11:00 AM -- By: Bonnie Datt,  From: New York  

I met Thor while doing Advance on the Clinton/Gore campaign in 92. He was -by far- the most memorable person on the campaign.

I was set to go back to college in January of '93, when some friends of mine asked me if I could help get them into the Inauguration. I called Thor to see if he could get them tickets, but the first thing he said to me was "How soon can you get down here? I just fired three people."

So I packed my bag and headed down to DC that day.

Thor was charming, bright, kind and quite the character. I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of his passing this weekend here in NYC at the WGA Awards. (It seems that everyone everywhere new Thor.)

My condolences to all Thor's family and friends.

02-12-2008 9:27 AM -- By: Sue Trowbridge,  From: Atlanta  

Many long years ago, when Thor was a small boy, I mean MANY years ago, I used to babysit with him and his sister. Now it turns out that he has hired my husband, Bob Saye, to do some carpentry for him. Bob didn't tell me the name of the guy we dropped in on yesterday, and picture my amazement when I saw the name David Hesla on the mailbox. My parents almost bought that house in 1965 but reconsidered. I spent many happy hours with Maren and Thor, playing with their toys...

02-11-2008 4:04 PM -- By: Christine Chin,  From: San Francisco  

Back in Atlanta in '96 during a FleetOps team building fieldtrip to "Shoot the 'Hooch", Thor was amoung the group even though he didn't work with us (just partied w/ us - Michael Pitts was my boss).

To this day (sadly), Thor is the only guy who has ever told me that I looked hot in a bathingsuit.

We'll miss you, Thor.

02-10-2008 4:37 PM -- By: Andrew Ordover,  From: Tucson  

Just to piggyback on Mancini's post below, I took Thor to a party during that chicken-bone-sucking period, after his rock-climbing (well, rock-falling) accident. He was hideous. His head was swollen to twice its already substantial size, with stitches and scars running every which way. He got to the party, began drinking heavily, and then sat down somewhere and began removing his own stitches. If I recall correctly, he though this maneuver would impress the girls.

02-05-2008 10:56 AM -- By: Robin Schepper,  From: Washington DC  

I was not particularly close to Thor, we worked together on the NATO Summit in 1999.  I always admired his lust for life. He lived life to the fullest and was a great model for anyone who is afraid of the unknown. His tragic death sent me reeling. I realized that what I was feeling was what soldiers’ families and Afghan and Iraqi citizens must feel every day.  Like most of you on this site, we are a tribe of politicos trying to get Democrats elected or make the world a better place somehow. I never thought one of us would be killed in our jobs.


Despite this tragedy, the outpouring of love for Thor has been amazing.  All I can think about is that I wish he could have heard all that love before he died. That’s the funny thing about funerals, we say kind words that the dead never hear. So that’s when I thought about encouraging everyone to say kind words to the people they love.  A dear friend from grammar school sent me this poem I want to share with you:


I read of a man who stood to speak

At the funeral of a friend

He referred to the dates on her tombstone

From the beginning to the end

He noted that first came the date of her birth

And spoke the following date with tears,

But he said what mattered most of all

Was the dash between those years

For that dash represents all the time

That she spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved her Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not how much we own; The cars, the house, the cash, What matters is how we live and love And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left, that can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real

And always try to understand the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger, and show appreciation more

And love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect, and more often wear a smile

Remembering that this special dash might only last a little while,

So, when your eulogy is being read with your life’s actions to rehash

Would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?

©1996 Linda Elli


I write a newsletter every two months and my last one is inspired by Thor. I have asked everyone to use February as a month to show people you love a little more kindness.  Thor touched so many lives during his lifetime. And in his death, I know I am inspired to live large and show more people gratitude and kindness, it doesn't cost a thing.

02-05-2008 4:03 AM -- By: cherie welch,  From: Atlanta, GA  

thor is and will always be one of those rare souls who appear in a lifetime, indelibly touching one and all with such an intoxicating effervescent effusion of life that we, the recipients, thankfully, are never, ever the same.

I will not mourn his passing but rather, celebrate the amazing life he lived, leading by example with his boundless capacity for sparking love, his unparalleled gift for being the quintessential poster child for networking and connecting souls - globally - to one another, making an immense difference in other people's lives, thus, my choosing to dwell in gratitude for the gift of time that I had to experience his sentient being, which deeply enriched my essence. 

you welcomed me to atlanta in 1996 with unbridled enthusiasm. thanks for the memories and the vibrantly colored threads you wove into the tapestry of my soul.

thor, you live on in thousands of hearts for you remain the poster child for the phrase, esse quam videri [to be, rather than to seem].

Mmeeting and then being accepted into your world has been a rip roaring, fire cracking, beyond wild roller coaster of a ride and i am all the better and immensely enriched for having bought a ticket.

pax vobiscum to you, your family and all of us who love you.

~ cherie

02-04-2008 8:33 PM -- By: Tricia Fenton,  From:  

My heart goes out to Thor's family and his other friends.  It has been about two weeks since I was told about Thor yet I am only now signing the guest book as every time I try to express the sadness I feel the words just do not do Thor justice.  So many people put it more eloquently but I think of him often and realize this world was truely touched by his presence and in his passing.

We will miss him



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