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Memorial created 01-15-2008 by
Howard Yellen
Thor David Hesla
April 1 1962 - January 14 2008

Thor would be pissed if we weren't a bit irreverant. So, I invite everyone to add their own 2 cents worth of Thor. Either email me at lcross999@yahoo.com, or edit this directly per the instructions I previously sent to you. I'll kick this off:

1: The very first words Thor ever said to me were "Oh, you ARE a big mother-f@#!er!" Howard Yellen

2: Thor is the only person I know to have talked two different people into GIVING him cars for free - in my case an old Alfa Spyder. Howard Yellen


3: If you Google "Thor Hesla" most of the hits refer to an arguably ill-considered letter about Ann Coulter that he had published in Salon.com in 1999. While he was pretty well excoriated for that piece, I think time has vindicated him - he saw her for the harpy she is long before the rest of us caught on. Howard Yellen

4: While traveling with Thor in Venezuela, he was absolutely wracked by a stomach affliction that, in lesser intensities, is fairly common to travelers. Thor, to his credit, did not try to hide his condition for any shred of pride. The damage was bad enough that we adopted the use of his name for similar ailments. One could "get the Thors" or "get Thorred." Either way, it all led to some Immodium and a few gallons of (bottled) water. Jim Dau

5: Thor told me once that spammers were smart, approaching clairvoyant. He would receive emails daily offering to improve his credit, grow more hair, and, er, enhance other features. He said that, except for the Nigerian oil offers, they were dead on with their marketing. Jim Dau

6: After high school, Thor joined a ROTC Marine program (he had his reasons!) They shaved his head upon entering boot camp. It never grew back. Hence the cueball we all know & love. Howard Yellen

7: A few years ago I moved to Washington D.C. to ‘find myself’ and was arriving to start my new job a few days before Thor left on another one of his adventures. Thor’s sister, Maren, arranged with Thor for me to stay in his efficiency in the heart of D.C. until I found a place. Maren asked Thor if I could stop by his place so he could show me around before he left town. Thor replied that no, he needed a few days to clean up the place before I arrived. I told Maren to tell Thor that he absolutely did not need to clean on my behalf to which she replied that Thor (the quintessential ‘no shame in my game - what you see is what you get’) said there were things in his apartment he didn’t want anyone to see and needed to, and I quote, “get rid of”, before I got there. To this day I still wonder about exactly what those things were! Molly McWaters-Adkins

8: When Thor visited us last, he took great delight in testing our knowledge of world geography by asking us to name all 10 countries with 4-letter names. When we stumbled, however, he couldn't remember them all either! Heh. For those now intrigued, look below for answers. Allison Kozak

9: Thor had plans for a "Death to Decency" tour around the fleshpots of Europe..... drinking and carousing loudly was always great sport with Thor. Kirk Adams

10: I was discussing Thor with mutual friends, about ten years ago. I proposed that Thor was the kind of guy who would blow his chance to rule the world for a chance to sleep with the wrong woman. When my male friends asked how that made him different from any other man, I noted that most other men would check and make sure the woman was willing before they gave up the world. We all concurred that Thor's weakness is that he wouldn't bother to check first... Terry Sabonis-Helf

11:  Thor and I dated very briefly during my sophomore or junior year at Emory. At the time, he was also seeing my friend, Terry (Cathy Sabonis-Bradley’s sister, mentioned in her remembrance). Now, the thing to understand here is that neither Terry nor I had much of a problem with this at the time – I don’t think either of us saw our relationship with Thor as a long-term, serious thing. But we did think it was funny that he seemed to work so hard to keep each of us from knowing about the other. We thought it was even funnier to discover that he was using the same lines on both of us. We decided to turn the tables on him and see what would happen if we said identical phrases when each of us was alone with him. Thor, being the quick-witted guy that he was, figured out that something was up, but he wasn’t completely sure what it was. I think his word at the time was “confuzzled.” When everything finally became clear to him, Thor responded with something like, “Wait a minute. You both KNOW – and you’re OKAY with that?” I’m sure he briefly envisioned the possibility of something very kinky – but no. The romances weren’t really ever destined to last, but I always thought of Thor as my friend, happy on the occasions when we would run into each other.   Corey-Jan Albert

[Chad, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Mali, Oman, Peru, Togo]


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