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We love you, Dad! Carol, Karen and Randy

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Karen Rogers
Richard W. Tarkington
January 3 1924 - June 27 2014

Richard W. Tarkington was the beloved father to Carol Victory, Richard Lee Tarkington, Karen Tarkington Rogers, and Randy Tarkington. He passed away on June 27 this year, after suffering a stroke on Father's Day. This site is to honor his memory and give us a place to show our love for our amazing dad. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are so moved. Our Dad was a special guy. He was a World War II veteran, a POW. He was proud of his service to his country and he paid a price for that service, spending time in a Stalag 13 prisoner of war camp while he was in his early 20s. His life was forever impacted by that event. Dad started making jewelry in his late 80s. It was amazing how creative he was. Most of his life was spent as a farmer/mechanic along with being our dad. We had no clue he was hiding all that talent inside. He said making the jewelry is what kept him alive.


Dad loved his family very much. He recently lost his brother, Bob, to whom he was close. It was so hard on him to give up that relationship, and I think he became depressed; so much so that it was hard for him to come out of that dark place. At the age of 90, many of his close friends and family members had already passed on, and he felt alone many times. But he never let that get him down. He kept on making jewelry, and spending time with his greatly loved great-grandkids. His face would light up with joy when he saw them come through the door.


Our mom died in 1981. It was such a blow to Dad. He loved Mom so much. He told us he saw her playing guitar with a band at a dance he went to. He told her she would have to find someone else to play because she was going to dance with him. Their first date was to the Dickson County Fair. When mom had surgery for her cancer in January of 1978, Dad never left her side at the hospital. Their love was deep and crossed over with her at her death. He married again in 1986. Christine and dad were companions. They spent a lot of time traveling and enjoying life. They were good for each other. Christine kept Dad straight and kept him away from alcohol. She became his anchor. Unfortunately, Christine suffered from Alzheimer's and died, leaving dad alone again. He swore he would never marry again unless it was the ugliest, meanest woman on the earth because she would probably outlive him.


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